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SEE HR & Recruiting is a minority-owned Human Resource and Recruiting firm located in Rochester, NY. We are dedicated to bringing corporate style Human Resource Services to small business at an affordable price. We also provide recruiting, resume and interview services. SEE HR & Recruiting was named after the founder’s three children, Sibelle, Elijah, and Emmanuel. Herman is dedicated to his family and to his business.

Herman L Parson III, Founder, and Owner has a combined 20 yrs experience in Human Resources, Benefits, Employee Wellness, Recruiting, Insurance and Management. During this time he has made many connections with a variety of industries and has seen a trend of small businesses needing Human Resource Services at an affordable rate. Herman has a strong belief that every size company should have the option to send someone to “go see HR” when in need.

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Herman Parson See HR & Recruiting

SEE HR & Recruiting offers corporate style Human Resource Services to small to medium size businesses at an affordable price.

• Human Resource Outsourcing
• Employment Administration
• NYS Compliance and Training

By working collaboratively, we aim to become a true extension of your team.

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