Feeder Tender


It is the responsibility of the Feeder Tender to optimize the profitability of the Company by performing to the highest level of efficiency in the following task categories:  make ready, running, wash ups, and down time maintenance.  Through these activities, the Feeder Tender will ensure that the highest level of productivity is consistently achieved.

Specific tasks required to fulfill these functions are as follows:

Make Ready:

  • Locates and prepares correct paper to run job.
  • Measure stock to ensure that you received the correct amount.
  • Sets up feeder.
  • Assist in press lines up sheet checking for size, straightness, correct pagination, bleed requirements, position of sheet to the HP screen. or die vinyl, grain direction.


  • Runs feeder.
  • Checks sheets to ensure the side guide will pull during the run.
  • Fills and maintains water tanks. Read waters and write down the  numbers on the chart and report back the number to lead operator each day.

Wash ups:

  • Cleans ink fountains.
  • Strips down press and cleans blades.
  • Washes blankets and impression cylinders.
  • Gum plates.
  • Clean bench.

Down time/maintenance:

  • Greases press and pumps.
  • Wipes down press.
  • Assists in cleaning and resetting rollers.
  • Keeps area clean and neat.
  • Skids up jobs.
  • Maintains sludge barrels to include paper labels.
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