It is the responsibility of the 2nd Press Operator to optimize the profitability of the Company by performing to the highest level of efficiency in the following task categories:  maintaining constant quality, make readies, maintenance of equipment and the management of their respective press crew.  Through these tasks below, the 2nd Press Operator will ensure that the highest level of productivity is consistently achieved.


1. The familiarity of a densitometer and its functions.  (Density, dot gain, print contrast and hue).

2. Pull and hang plates pull job in register.

3. Cut coating blanket.

4. Checks grain direction.

5. Lines up sheet checking for size, straightness, correct pagination, bleed requirements, position of sheet to the HP screen, die vinyl or grain direction. (40 inch Presses)

6. Checks to be sure proper coating is used.

7. When needed sets up and runs feeder or assists Feeder Tender.

8. Watches both sides of sheet for defects (scratches picks water, oil spots, draws, cracks, smashes, missed side guide etc.).

9. Make sure the Press checklist is fill out and placed on the last load.

10. Review and sign off on all fanned out sheets.

• Sitting, standing, and/or walking for up to eight hours per day.

• Frequently required to lift and/or carry up to 30 lbs.

• Occasionally required to push and/or pull up to 50 lbs.

• Occasionally required to stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, and climb.

• Regularly required to talk and/or hear, see, and perform repetitive motion.

• Required to see color and use depth perception.

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